As a seasonal employer you almost certainly spend considerable time and effort in employing and maintaining a seasonal workforce.

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Some work out and some are clearly just there to get their second year visa and money so they can hit the town on Friday night and not show up on Saturday.

You know that every unsatisfactory worker costs you more money than they should.

Well, we can help you reduce that time, effort and cost which means you have more time to focus on your business.

  • By speaking with you we can best understand your needs and do our utmost to only send or recommend those people who fit your requirements.
  • We take care to check out our people first so that you get people who learn fast, stay focused and turn up each day when you need them.
  • We take pride in providing these workers and we stay in touch with you to make sure we know how you are finding working with those we send.
  • We know that there are always more workers around than work so we value you partnering with us to provide workers to you.

We already provide many seasonal workers to farms, wineries, factories and other horticultural businesses.

We work with growers, contractors and businesses in the local and surrounding area.

Having access to reliable,motivated workers, often at short notice, along with a single point of contact are some of the benefits we can offer you.


We know we can help you.

Call John George on 0408210132 so we can dicuss your needs this year.





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